In-Classroom and on-track Instruction

Sign up for our Riding School to enhance your trackday experience. Work directly with our instructors in the classroom and on the track. You will accelerate your skills by quickly learning proper technique and help break any bad habits you may have learned in the past.


Novice School

Recommended for first-time track riders.

Classroom sessions each hour until lunch.
The novice school focuses on the fundamentals of riding your motorcycle at speed. We like to think of it as the next step to take after completing the MSF Standard and/or Advanced courses. It’s a great way to learn about the capabilities of your motorcycle at freeway speeds, not parking lot speeds. We match up students to dedicated instructors and combine a classroom setting with on-track instruction. The classroom curriculum covers the following:

  • Track overview, entrance & exit procedures.
  • Safety and etiquette, flag procedures.
  • Passing guidelines.
  • Sessions throughout the day will cover more advanced topics like reference points, braking, body position and more.

Intermediate School

Classroom sessions each hour until lunch.
The OPRT Intermediate School is for riders registered for the Level 2 session who are more comfortable on the track, and are interested in further improving their skills. Intermediate School focuses on more advanced techniques that help the rider achieve greater speed, safer riding, and can also help the rider lower their lap times. Topics are more in-depth and include:

  • Proper body positioning.
  • Suspension setup and adjustment.
  • Advanced braking techniques.
  • Reference points, line selection and more!