2024 Weekday Events

$279 / reg. $239 / sale

  • Sale ends 2 weeks prior to event
  • Group C Classroom - Add $50.00
  • Group B Classroom - Add $100.00


$349-$549 / Day

  • Ninja 300 - $349.00
  • Aprilia RS660 - $499.00
  • Yamaha R6 - $549.00

2024 Weekend Events

$299 / reg. $239 / sale

  • Sale ends 2 weeks prior to event
  • Group C Classroom - Add $50.00
  • Group B Classroom - Add $100.00



Emphasis on Safety

OPRT minimizes risk by applying training techniques in a controlled setting on a closed course. With no gravel, animals, cars or pedestrians to worry about, the track is the safest place to explore the limits of motorcycle riding. Our instructors are personally chosen for their experience and professionalism.

Rider Training for all Skill Levels

OPRT provides low cost, professional motorcycle rider instruction that focuses on giving riders the skills and techniques necessary to pilot today’s high performance motorcycles. Our high instructor to student ratio means you get the personalized training you need to advance to the next level of riding. We offer specialized classes for the new track rider that focus on the fundamentals of riding on the race track.

Trackside Services

Trackside services are provided by Optimum Performance Motorsports. We offer full tire services with great deals on Dunlop tires. We also offer a basic suspension setup at an affordable price to make sure your bike performs its best out on the track. stop by and see us next to the registration desk.

new rider team

New Track Rider Liaison Team.

This group was formed in 2020 to accompany and acclimate newer riders to track days. They are available to assist and answer questions prior to the trackday, assist in pit set up or offer pit space at the trackday, to accompany and help on track throughout the day.

We’ve had multiple brand new or newish riders participate last year, everyone had a blast!
Director of the team is Heidi Quern Harris. If you or someone you know is new to bikes or track days and needs a helping hand, we’ve got a great group of people to help out.

Contact us if you have any questions.

“Good times as always with OPRT. The atmosphere seemed fairly relaxed overall..”

cgt1229, PNW Riders

“I had too much fun... Every muscle on my body hurts! .”

bumblebeetuna, PNW Riders

“This was my first time on a track. What a great experience, a lot of fun and very educational. The OPRT guys did a great job of showing me the ropes.”

jtostenr, PNW Riders

Thank you OPRT for some amazing track days! You helped me improve my over all riding skills which directly affected my novice race season. Not to mention, y'all are like hanging out with family after the track shuts down!

Jaquelyn Kulish