What to expect at our events

OPRT provides a structured riding environment for riders of all levels on a closed course racetrack. Our instructors and coaching staff include active club racers (WMRRA) and experienced track day riders who are articulate and passionate about all aspects of this sport.

Tech Inspection Checksheet

When you arrive at the track, proceed to finding a pit area. OPRT Registration sets up at the far Southeast corner of the paddock near the building – please leave this space open for OPRT staff.

  • Set up your pit area – unload your bike, setup tents, etc.
  • Sign-in at registration (Southeast corner of the paddock).
  • Space is limited, so pre-registration is recommended. If you do not pre-register, we cannot guarantee there will be space.
  • Roll your motorcycle to the tech inspection area (southeast corner of paddock, not far from registration). OPRT Staff will inspect your bike.
  • Attend the mandatory rider’s meeting at 8:20 near the registration area.
  • 7:00a - Registration opens. Please sign-in at registration.
  • 7:00a - Tech inspection open. Bring your bike to tech area for inspection.
  • 8:00a - Riders meeting. All riders must attend.
  • 8:40a - Track opens with the A Group, Riding school students attend first classroom session.
  • 9:00a - B+ Group
  • 9:20a - B- Group
  • 9:40a - C Group
  • 10:00a - A Group
  • 10:20a - B+ Group
  • 10:40a - B- Group
  • 11:00a - C Group
  • 11:20a - A Group
  • 11:40a - B+ Group
  • 12:00p - B- Group
  • 12:20p - C Group
  • 12:40p - LUNCH
  • 1:40p - A Group
  • 2:00p - B+ Group
  • 2:20p - B- Group
  • 2:40p - C Group
  • 3:00p - A Group
  • 3:20p - B+ Group
  • 3:40p - B- Group
  • 4:00p - C Group
  • 4:20p - A Group
  • 4:40p - B+ Group
  • 5:00p - B- Group
  • 5:20p - C Group
  • 5:40a Track closes (dependent on specific track policy).
  • Tape or Disconnect the headlight and tail light
  • Tape or Remove the mirrors
  • Tires and Brakes in excellent condition
  • Chain and Sprockets in excellent condition
  • Ethyul-glycol based coolants are allowed (ie. Antifreeze)


OPRT will conduct a basic technical inspection of your motorcycle prior to you riding on the track. Our tech inspectors will be looking for mechanical deficiencies to assist you in making sure your motorcycle is safe. However, we are not as familiar as you are with your motorcycle and ultimately, the rider is responsible for the sound mechanical function of their motorcycle. Consider checking your motorcycle at least a week prior to your track day to ensure you can get any parts or make necessary repairs prior to the trackday.

Be sure that your oil drain bolt, oil filler cap and oil filter are PROPERLY INSTALLED. The oil drain bolt and oil filler cap should be properly tightened with a torque wrench or “hand tight” to ensure the threads are not stripped and the plugs will not vibrate loose.  Keep in mind that the smallest amount of oil can cause you or another rider to crash so we want everyone to be especially careful when it comes to the oil drain plug, oil filler cap and oil filter on their motorcycle.

  • Undamaged DOT or Snell Rated full face helmet with face shield.
  • One or two piece full zip together leather or Aerostitch/Equivalent textile style riding suit.
  • Undamaged leather gauntlet style gloves that fully cover the wrist.
  • Riding Boots that fully cover the ankle.
  • Back protector is highly recommended.

OPRT cannot stress enough the importance of proper safety equipment. We always recommend using known good products from reputable companies. Make sure your helmet is at least DOT rated and preferably also SNELL rated. Make sure your helmet was manufactured in the last 5 years and preferably in the last 3 years. Manufacturer dates can be checked on the back of the helmet or inside the helmet. If you have ever been in a crash with your helmet and your helmet or head has touched the ground, your helmet is no longer DOT / SNELL rated and it may not protect you. Make sure your helmet fits properly; your chin strap and chin snap are in good condition and also working properly.

A suit can be 1 piece or 2 piece and we recommend leather. 2 piece suits are not as protective as 1 piece suits but are popular with people who spend time riding on the street with their jacket and have a pair of pants for the track. If you are wearing a 2 piece suit, the zipper must be a 360 degree zipper that securely attaches the jacket to the pants, or the suit may separate in a crash.

Gloves often wear thin on the palms if you’ve been using them frequently. Wear is normal in this area but you need to make sure the leather is still thick enough to protect your hands. Check all of the seams on your gloves then check any Velcro or straps to make sure they are functioning properly.

Check your boots , making sure they are intact, the sole is attached to the boot and there is material left on the bottom of the boot. Make sure that any sliders on the boot are firmly attached and not missing any screws (you don’t want a slider coming off on the track).

Lastly, check your back protector for function and proper fit. If your suit does not have a built in back protector, although it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend investing in a back protector under your suit. Make sure your back protector fits properly and is in good condition.

We also recommend the following items to make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Extra Fuel – most people will go through an entire tank and then some during the course of a typical track day. Extra fuel is not available for purchase at The Ridge.
  • Chair – you’ll want a place to sit.
  • Water – hydration is extremely important.
  • Food/Snacks – some tracks have food vendors, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own just in case.
  • Tools (ability to adjust chain, minor repairs, etc.)
  • Pop-up canopy (EZ-Up)
  • Friends!

The Ridge
The Ridge Motorsports Park is a 2.47 mile road race course built on 170 acres. The track has over 300 feet of elevation change, a good portion of which occurs in the famous “Ridge Complex” – a corkscrew-like series of turns that drop down from the hillside that earned the track its name.

TRMP allows camping overnight before an event.

Paddock Area
You may setup your pits in any open area, being mindful to leave the driving/fire lanes open. The far Southeast corner is reserved for OPRT Staff/Registration and food vendors.

Pacific Raceways is a 2.25 mile road race course and drag strip. The track has over 125 feet of elevation change and 10 turns.
Located in Kent WA, the track is easily and quickly accessible from the Seattle area.