Head's up everyone! PIR let us know that there will be a small change happening regarding sound monitoring at the track next season.

Sound monitoring locations will be mobile with undisclosed locations to catch violators.

You really don't want to get that black flag in a race this upcoming season. The sound limit at PIR continues to be 103dBA when OMRRA is on track. So plan accordingly! (Also, our understanding is that this will also be true at all track days so might want to look at your track bikes too).

OMRRA News 7-6-2018

This season is the first for OPRT running track days at Portland International Raceway in collaboration with the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association.

OMRRA has organized motorcycle races at PIR since 1972. You can find out More about the club, their schedule, rules, new racer program, and more here: www.OMRRA.com <http://www.omrra.com/>and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/omrra.racing/

OMRRA has a strong interest in track safety and deploys Air Fence protective barriers at OPRT Friday PIR track days. They raise money for purchase and deployment of Air Fence every year at the Portland Motorcycle Film Festival. For more about that check out http://www.pdxmotorcyclefilms.com

You can make a full motorcycle weekend out of a visit to PIR – sign up for a Friday track day, then watch motorcycle racing Saturday and Sunday. For free entry to OMRRA and the best seat in the house, they always take corner worker volunteers. You’ll receive free lunch and after-racing beverages at the trophy ceremony. The pit area is open to all visitors. Contact info@omrra.com for more.

Riders on Yamaha R3, Ninja 250-300, and KTM RC390, be aware that in May, July, August and September OPRT track days will include an Ultra-Lightweight ONLY session (as one of our four 15 minute sessions, runs all day, normal price). No SV650, 600 or 1000cc motorcycles allowed. In August, this session will run the Chicane, and OMRRA will then run that track configuration for these motorcycles during races all weekend long.

Portland International Raceway has been hosting motorcycle and car road races since the mid 1960s. Learn more about this historic two-mile circuit within the city limits of Portland, Oregon at https://portlandraceway.com/?/about/history

See you at the track!